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Under Which Conditions Is AdBlue Analysis Performed?

Under Which Conditions Is AdBlue Analysis Performed?

Adblue liquid is used to minimize the emission of harmful Nitrogen Oxide (Nox) gas into the air from the exhaust of buses, trucks and trucks using diesel fuel.

Therefore, the use of Adblue liquid is beneficial to the environment. It has become a necessity in Europe in order for heavy vehicle vehicles such as buses and trucks used in Europe to comply with Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards when produced, and all of the latest model buses and trucks have the Adblue system.

The Adblue system is a part of the SCR system used to reduce emission values. Today, it is mandatory to use Adblue fuel in vehicles with Adblue system.

This obligation is valid in countries applying Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards. If the fuel in the Adblue tank is low, runs out or if there is a problem in the Adblue system, problems occur in vehicles using Adblue.

First, various warnings are received from the vehicle’s warning system, the vehicle may lose performance, slow down or not start.
The Adblue system can be resolved in some cases.

Adblue analysis is provided using the Adblue emulator. If the Adblue analysis emulator is used in whichever vehicle, it appears as if the Adblue system is being used in the vehicle’s general system.

Thus, even if the Adblue system does not work, the vehicle does not warn and does not lose performance in any way.

Even if there is no Adblue fuel left in the Adblue tank, the vehicle will start. Adblue decoding emulator has no harm to vehicles.

The emulator only analyzes the Adblue system. The only effect on the general system of the vehicles is that it shows the Adblue system as if it is working.

Adblue emulator is very easy to use. Connection is provided by plugging into the OBD2 inputs of the vehicles or by mounting on the canbus module.

Adblue decoding emulator is compatible with vehicles of many brands such as Renault, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Daf, Man and Scania.

It works properly as soon as the connection between the vehicle and the Adblue emulator is established.

So, under what conditions is Adblue analysis done?

First of all, Adblue liquid has a corrosive effect on some substances because it is a basic liquid.

If Adblue liquid leaks into unwanted places in the vehicle, vehicle parts may be worn and deteriorated. Or the Adblue liquid spray system of the vehicle may be broken.

In such cases, the vehicles must be taken to the workshop for repair and the Adblue analysis emulator is used. In addition, if the vehicle runs out of Adblue fuel, the vehicle may not start.

Adblue emulator can be used until fuel is purchased for the vehicle. However, there are countries where Adblue fuel is not sold because the use of Adblue fuel is not mandatory in all countries.

Since there is no Adblue fuel left in the vehicles used in these countries, there is a loss of power and the vehicles are damaged.

International transportation companies should also be careful about the transportation they will make in these countries.

Another condition is caused by the freezing of Adblue liquid at -11 degrees. Adblue liquid freezes at -11 degrees.

That’s why there are special heating systems connected to Adblue fuel tanks. When the heating systems fail, the Adblue liquid freezes and problems occur in the vehicle.

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