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Should Adblue Be Used?

Should Adblue Be Used?

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) is a toxic gas that harms the environment, pollutes the air and has a direct effect on human health.

You can see it in places with a lot of traffic because it is a gas released from the exhaust of motor vehicles.

Adblue is a liquid that minimizes this harmful air. Toxic and flammable. This product is also known as AUS 32, which is the abbreviation of Aqueous Urea Solution.

The amount of AdBlue additive, which has a separate tank, is applied fully automatically according to the control unit.

Euro 4 standards are in question. While the amount of AdBlue additive is approximately 3-4% of the fuel consumed, the emission for Euro 5 is between 5 and 7%. In certain cases, AdBlue reduces diesel consumption by up to 7%, partially offsetting the high installation costs of EURO 4 and Euro 5 vehicles.

In the tests, less fuel consumption was measured compared to similar vehicles with EURO3 engines.

Heavy vehicle diesel vehicles running on European roads In Europe, Euro 4 standards were adopted in 2006, Euro 5 standards in 2009 and Euro-6 standards in 2014.

Its operation is based on a simple logic. In SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) selected catalytic reduction, a water-based solution consisting of 67.5% liquefied water and 32.5% urea is sprayed onto the metal catalyst, adblue, and NOx (nitrogen oxide) is converted to environmentally harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

Adblue, a product approved by VDA, namely Verband der Automobilindustrie, does not attract much attention in our country. A device called Adblue decoding emulator has recently been developed for vehicles with Adblue.

Considering this as an extra cost and effort, since vehicles using Adblue need maintenance at certain periods. Devices called Adblue emulators instantly invalidate the system when they are used.

AdBlue also invalidates the system electronically. However, AdBlue these problems are not what they seem. It is inevitable that the vehicle engine will be damaged over time because it has a high pressure effect.

As you can see, the AdBlue solution causes the engine to deteriorate directly and thus causes greater costs.

Although the temperatures at which AdBlue should be kept should be between -11 and 30 degrees, in very cold weather, before the frozen AdBlue melts or There is no harm to the system in frozen state.

If the adblue banana is exhausted, the warning lamp lights up and tells us to renew it. The melted adblue can be used again.

This product, which we think has many problems and we are afraid that the problems arising from its misuse will cause huge costs, may cause greater costs when we want to have it analyzed.

The widespread use of this liquid in our country, which aims to protect human health by minimizing the damage it may cause to the environment, may be very beneficial for both the environment and human health.

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