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Consequences of Not Using the AdBlue Troubleshooting Emulator

Consequences of Not Using the AdBlue Troubleshooting Emulator

Consequences of Not Using the AdBlue Troubleshooting Emulator

AdBlue system is used in almost all heavy vehicles (trucks, buses, trucks) that have been produced in recent years.

Thanks to this system, heavy-duty vehicles, which have become compliant with Euro 4, Euro5 and Euro 6 standards, which are emphasized by EU countries, keep NOx levels to a minimum without creating environmental pollution.

In the case of using the AdBlue solution emulator, your vehicle will continue to work without the need for AdBlue fluid, without causing a factor such as poor performance in your vehicle and without causing any malfunctions.

Functioning of AdBlue System

If we do not operate in European Union countries, why should we use AdBlue liquid?

Vehicles that do not operate in European Union countries do not have to use AdBlue fluid.

Thus, by not using AdBlue liquid, you can gain many advantages and overcome the problems we have mentioned below.

Some negative factors of using AdBlue:

If you replace AdBlue with another liquid, your vehicle will be seriously damaged.

Since the shelf life of AdBlue liquid is one year, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it has not lost its shelf life.

Otherwise, the damages of using an AdBlue liquid that has expired will cause damage to the SRC system.

AdBlue liquid, which has an abrasive structure, will also corrode the tank in which it is placed for use over time.

If you think that this wear occurs while driving long distances, it will inevitably be very costly.

If AdBlue liquid is not kept in a suitable environment, it will deteriorate. Using deteriorated AdBlue fluid will cause problems in your vehicle.

Since AdBlue liquid has an abrasive structure, it can send small parts formed after wear on the tank to the engine with the fuel.

As a result of the damage of these small parts on the fuel filter, it will cause filter clogging or filter replacement.

Since AdBlue liquid is in a separate tank next to the fuel tank, it is necessary to have this tank periodically maintained. This is a troublesome situation in terms of time and cost.

Vehicles using the AdBlue system need regular maintenance. Your cost will increase in the face of any problems that may arise during this maintenance phase. In addition, this maintenance will save you time.

It is also a problem that the tank next to the fuel tank created for AdBlue liquid occupies unnecessary space.

Putting AdBlue liquid that does not comply with the standards in your vehicle creates a negative effect on the SRC system and damages your vehicle.

In case of running out of AdBlue liquid, the Src system will be damaged. Particularly serious damage will occur to the catalysts. In addition, as soon as the

AdBlue fluid runs out, your vehicle may stop and become inoperable. In this case, you may need to call the service or add AdBlue fluid to the required area of ​​your vehicle.

If you want to drive your vehicle in very cold weather, you should make sure that the AdBlue liquid is still not frozen. AdBlue liquid will start to freeze at -11 degrees.

In addition, since the AdBlue system is usually a malfunctioning system, it will help you both to waste time and increase your cost.

AdBlue analysis emulator, which is very simple to install and use, does not affect the performance of the vehicle in any way when it is included in the system, and it eliminates the time loss and cost problems that you, our valued customers, attach importance to. You can reach us at 0850 755 0230.

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