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Cause and Solution of New Holland Adblue Faults

Cause and Solution of New Holland 3581 and 3618 Adblue Faults

Adblue faults occur frequently in New Holland Tier 4a and Tier 4b motor tractors and telehander vehicles, mostly due to pumps.

While these errors can sometimes be temporary errors, sometimes they can appear as chronic errors.

The reason for these recurring Adblue faults can be caused by a few problems and your vehicle usually gives the following fault codes.

3581 – Torque restriction active
3618 – Post-emergency restart detected.

The reasons for these errors may be:

Pump failure due to foreign matter entering the channels of the Adblue pump under harsh conditions or electrical pump breakdown.

Failure of one of the sensors in the Adblue unit (NOx, NH3, Temperature sensors).

Exhaust and dosing values ​​working above/below the threshold values ​​determined in production (Chronic failure).

After these mistakes, your New Holland vehicle will drop out of torque, and it will start to cause you money and time loss.

In case of 1st and 2nd faults, they are the types of faults that will be corrected if you repair or replace the faulty part.

However, if the error comes back after a certain period of time despite performing these procedures, it means that there is a chronic malfunction in the Adblue system of the vehicle.

The reason for this error is simply:

At the factory, the lower and upper limits of the Adblue dosing amount and exhaust temperatures that your vehicle can do while running are determined.

However, due to a mistake made in production, your exhaust temperature does not match these values ​​or exceeds or decreases over time.

This will cause you to get Adblue malfunction no matter what you do.


If you are still getting errors after the repairs, you can solve all Adblue errors by using the New Holland Adblue Resolution Emulator.

New Holland Adblue emulator replaces the entire SCR system of your vehicle and after it is installed

The Adblue pump in your vehicle deactivates the NOx sensor and the entire SCR system.

In this way, you get rid of the faulty part and the Adblue emulator kit replaces this faulty part and allows you to get rid of the 3581 and 3618 Adblue errors.

As long as the Adblue analysis kit works, you will not get a malfunction of the Adblue system in your vehicle and your vehicle will not consume Adblue.

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