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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using AdBlue

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a colorless, slippery, non-flammable liquid mixture consisting of 32.5% urea and 67.5% ionized water.

AdBlue is not a toxic substance. It is used in SCR systems, which is the most effective method to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission.

NOx is a toxic gas that is produced as a result of the combustion of fuel in vehicles and negatively affects human health.

When the fuel starts to burn, AdBlue fluid is sprayed onto the SCR catalyst.

After spraying, it converts harmful NOx gas into harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

AdBlue liquid, separately from the diesel fuel tank, is sprayed from the AdBlue liquid tank to the tank of the SCR system, and the conversion of harmful gases into harmless gases takes place here. AdBlue liquid usage

2% to 6% of the fuel used is used.

The use of AdBlue is one of the most efficient methods to keep the NOx level at a minimum.

It plays an important role in future diesel vehicles. The use of SCR system and AdBlue in heavy and commercial vehicles such as Volvo, Man, Mercedes produced today For Euro 6 standards, manufacturers have to use it in vehicle production.

What is the Selective Catalytic Reduction System (SCR) where the use of AdBlue is the main factor and how does it work?

SCR is an exhaust emission system. In this system, it is an emission system that aims to minimize the emission of harmful gases from the exhaust with advanced engine ignition working together with a purification system.

The main factor in the SCR system is the use of AdBlue. As we mentioned before, AdBlue combines with the gas coming from the exhaust in the SCR catalyst and transforms it into harmless gases.

Together with SCR, it provides the desired Euro 6 standards by reducing the nitrogen oxide (NOx) excretion by 85% and the excretion of harmful particles in the exhaust of diesel engines by 40% at the same time.

In SCR systems, apart from the fuel tank for AdBlue, there is also an AdBlue tank.

AdBlue liquid can be purchased from fuel stations. The SCR system we mentioned is not used much, except for diesel engine vehicles such as trucks, lorries and buckets.

Especially in passenger cars, it is not preferred in diesel-engined vehicles because the SCR system is costly and the space required for the AdBlue tank is large.

In addition, since high engine power is not needed in passenger cars, they have low exhaust temperatures and emit lower levels of NOx.

The SCR system can be used as a part of the vehicle throughout the vehicle’s lifetime.

AdBlue fluid used in the SCR system may cause disinformation in the parts over time.

Therefore, parts of the SCR system may require maintenance and repair over time. The SCR system does not affect the oil change period of the vehicles.

The SCR system is accepted in all European Union countries in accordance with Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6 standards.

The SCR system provides less fuel consumption in Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6 standards.

Advantages of Using AdBlue

The use of AdBlue contributes significantly to air pollution as it reduces gas emissions. It reduces NOx gas emission in heavy and commercial vehicles and contributes to prevent respiratory diseases, albeit indirectly.

AdBlue liquid is not flammable.

It starts to freeze at -11 degrees. It can be melted and reused after freezing.

It reduces the amount of solid waste in emissions.

Disadvantages of AdBlue Use

The AdBlue tank is located separately from the fuel tank, so it takes up extra space.

In case of running out of AdBlue liquid, the gas emission of the vehicle will increase, so the engine will be locked and will not allow the vehicle to start. You need to call tow. It can lead to both time loss and cost losses.

If the tank is empty, the SCR will cause damage to the catalyst in the system.

It starts to freeze at -11 degrees, so it cannot be used at lower temperatures and your vehicle will not start.

Since it is a corrosive liquid, it causes corrosion in the parts made of copper in the system over time and causes soot accumulation in the SCR system. Filters need to be checked constantly.

Since it is abrasive, certain parts are needed for its use and storage.

The use of AdBlue is not mandatory outside the European Union countries. Fuel and AdBlue have a cost per km. For these reasons, those dealing with international trade want to analyze the use of AdBlue in other countries.

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