What is DTC eraser? What does DTC eraser do?

What is DTC eraser? What does DTC eraser do?

Before the starting ‘What is DTC eraser?’ topic, ı would like to mention about the OBD and diagnostic terms. With the development of the technology, automotive manufacturers developed themselves, due to this development human being reached high quality and high comfort in terms of automotive. This high comfort and quality brought some problems along. In order to fix these problems, Environmental Protection Agency EPA was established and set some standards for the manufacturers.

What is OBD?

OBD stands for “On Board Diagnostics.” It is a sort of computer based system originally designed to reduce emissions by monitoring the performance of engine’s major components. So main aim of development of ECU is reduce the emissions on the vehicle in order to protect the nature. OBD Systems were started to be used to diagnose vehicle’s engine failures since the year 1970s.

After this period, OBD system had become more complex in the 1990s and started to diagnose and made the connection on vehicles in motor control, chassis, body and electronic systems.

Every car contains a vast number of different systems, all of which must work in concert to ensure foolproofing operation. There must be a system in order to monitor ignition, emission systems and so on. So On-Board Diagnostics is a kind of computer that check what is going on with the vehicle.

Which year was OBD produced in?

After the establishment of the environmental protection Agency in, fresh air law became valid in the Congress. With the introduction of the law, ECU and sensors have been started to be used in order to minimize emissions and environmental pollution caused by vehicles.

OBD-I is the first version of the OBD systems which were developed throughout the 1980s. With the introduction of this early systems, proprietary connectors, hardware interfaces, and protocols was started to be used. And also in order to be reach the ECU info and errors, OBD-I scan tools was produced. These scan tools support multiple protocols are supplied with an array of different adapter cables.

After OBD began to be used, the Association of Automotive engineers held a congress in accordance with the decisions taken at the Congress, the decision is that as a standard socket should be used in the vehicles, the signal sent through this standard socket, OBD 2 sockets were used in vehicles produced since the year 1996.

Onboard Diagnostics II (OBD-II) is a standardized system that onboard computers in cars and trucks is used for self diagnostics and reporting. And also Socket of this system is also standardized.

What is diagnostic?

As Word meaning diagnostic is used for discovering the characteristics or cause of a problem, error, malfunction in a system or machine. In the automotive market, by connecting the probes to the vehicle’s diagnostic system via OBD2 and scanning it, scan tools are used to evaluate and discover flaws in electronic systems in automobiles, name of this procedure is diagnostic.

What is DTC eraser?

DTC eraser is a plug and play device that plugs into the OBD socket. In case of your vehicle giving error on dashboard, with the help of DTC eraser, you can easy clean the error code and keep on your way. So we can say that, DTC eraser is a kind of obd2 scanner that can just clean the error code on the vehicle.

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